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The Millenium with Tom Schreiner

May 03, 2023 Jordan Steffaniak and Brandon Ayscue Season 7 Episode 240
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The Millenium with Tom Schreiner
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Show Notes

Jordan and Hunter talk with Tom Schreiner about the millennium and Revelation 20. They cover topics like:  What do we mean when we speak of the millennium? What are the various views on Revelation 20? What are the common pitfalls when interpreting books like Revelation? How should the rest of the canon function in developing a sound interpretation of Revelation 20? Do any OT prophetic texts foreshadow Revelation 20 and not just Revelation 21-22? Why should pastors think and study about the millenium? What about the average Christian? And more!


1) The Puritan Hope, Iain Murray
2) The Bible and the Future, Anthony Hoekema

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