The London Lyceum

RC Sproul with Nate Pickowicz

June 22, 2022 Jordan Steffaniak and Brandon Ayscue Season 4 Episode 179
The London Lyceum
RC Sproul with Nate Pickowicz
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Show Notes

Jordan and Brandon talk with Nate Pickowicz about the life and legacy of RC Sproul. They cover topics like who was he, what was his educational background, did he have a smoking addiction, did it come back later, what is Ligonier and how did it come to be, what were his main theological and pastoral contributions, and more.

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1) The Holiness of God, RC Sproul
2) Chosen by God, RC Sproul
3) Faith Alone, RC Sproul
4) RC Sproul: Defender of the Reformed Faith, Nate Pickowicz

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